(Blackstone Consultants)

Our Company: News of Our Semi-Retirement!

We are nearing the end of our consulting careers, as we have worked to complete a large job assisting IDB Invest with their new “Access to Information” policy that was finalized in early 2019.

While we may be interested in conducting some high-level policy work, peer review-types of assignments, or some irresistibly interesting projects over the next few years for select clients, our days of preparing large competitive proposals are done.  We would both rather be golfing, skiing, cruising the seas of the world or writing some interesting tales about our many fascinating experiences.

We invite the many friends and associates we have come in contact with over the past 25+ years to correspond with us via LinkedIn or email to keep in touch.  Hope we can meet you on a cruise ship or other recreational trip in the future!

It’s been a fun ride!


Sally and Barbara


Blackstone Corporation Resource Management & Tourism Consultants was formed in 1991 by its two partners, Sally Davidson (B.A., M.A., M.C.P.) and Barbara Lamb (B.E.S., M.Sc.). Our mission is to assist public and private sector clients in Canada and globally to integrate stakeholders’ interests into project and programme design and implementation. Our work in Canada and in over 40 countries on five continents has demonstrated that strategic, cost-effective investment in the “people aspects “of a project can yield exponential dividends for our clients, as well as benefits for their employees and supply chains, other affected stakeholders, and local communities.

Blackstone offers services related to:

  • Social sciences, stakeholder engagement and community relations; and
  • Tourism and hospitality planning.

Our clients have employed our Stakeholder-Centered Social Sciences Practice for projects such as social analyses, socio-economic impact assessments, stakeholder engagement programmes, indigenous peoples studies, community needs studies and investment strategies, etc.. This work has covered a very wide spectrum of sectors including, among others: urban planning; tourism; transportation; energy; social infrastructure (water, sanitation, housing); solid waste management; agriculture and rural development; cadastre; education; health; oil and gas; and mining. We have developed highly specialized rapid appraisal techniques over the years that enables us to provide our clients with high value-added for their investments in social analysis and stakeholder engagement.

In addition to our social analysis practice, our specialized people-centered approach is a central part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and Reporting Practice. We offer a world-class team of senior experts who are specialists in planning, social sciences, financial analysis, economics, environmental sciences, energy, and health and safety.

Blackstone also has a first-class Tourism and Hospitality Practice that is supported by our multi-sectoral team. This highly successful part of our business is focused on the development of sustainable and responsible tourism for both public and private sector clients. We are specialists in international tourism market analysis and demand forecasting, and have developed advanced, specialized methodologies to respond to the needs of a market-driven tourism industry.

Our clients include national and municipal governments, international donor agencies (including World Bank; Inter-American Development Bank; Asian Development Bank; CIDA), private sector companies, non-governmental organizations, among others.

Our offices include our head office in Toronto, Canada, and Branch Offices in La Paz, Bolivia, and Sofia, Bulgaria.

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