(Blackstone Consultants)

Stakeholder Engagement

Intensive Stakeholder Engagement is incorporated into most assignments we undertake.  Meaningful engagement is crucial in order to ensure that:

  • Key stakeholders’ interests and concerns, particularly those who are most vulnerable, are understood and integrated into decision-making;
  • Decisions are based on an accurate understanding of baseline conditions;
  • Costly delays and disruptions of projects arising from stakeholder dissatisfaction are avoided.


SE need not be expensive or time-consuming.   Our Stakeholder Engagement & Social Assessment methodology utilizes a highly specialized rapid appraisal approach developed over many years to capture vital socio-economic conditions, issues, complexities and opportunities in a cost and time effective way.

We combine several investigative tools and methods, as appropriate, combining both qualitative and quantitative approaches to provide triangulation.  These include, among others:

  • Secondary source materials analysis;
  • Identification of “lessons learned” from other organizations/jurisdictions;
  • Stakeholder mapping;
  • Institutional (organizational) analysis;
  • Key informant interviews across many sectors;
  • Focus groups;
  • Case studies;
  • Workshops and seminars;
  • Facilitation;
  • Targeted quantitative surveys;
  • Human resource capacity evaluations;
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

Our Stakeholder Engagement and Social Assessment assignments have had direct, demonstrable positive impacts on the success of our clients’ programs and projects.